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v. i.1.To look steadfastly; to gaze.
This Nicholas sat ever gaping upright,
As he had kyked on the newe moon.
- Chaucer.
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One tower is called "Kiek in de Kok" which translates as a kyke in the cook - because the guards could peek down the chimneys of the houses clustered round about and see what was going on in the kitchens.
In addition to the city of the city (mother), the statutory auditing of the city of kyke subsidiaries (410/2015) of the city of kyke: crystal houses oy, kitee lmp oy, real estate oy keslahti rental companies and central karelia development company oy.
Coventry team: 1 Ollie Morris, 2 Joe Andrews ,3 Kyke Roberts ,4 Matt Hambidge, 5 Dan Drewett, 6 Ben Wells, 7 Mark Roberts, 8 Joe McLaughlin.
Curtis was forced into a change at right-back in the second-half after Rangel's knock saw Kyke Naughton introduced while the first real throw of the dice was to bring on the more attack-minded Shelvey for Cork.
388, West (1993) proposes to restore Coisyra's name for Hermann's Kyke. This change makes the poem clearer: Artemon is a social climber who decks himself out like a regular Megacles.