Kyphosus sectatrix

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Noun1.Kyphosus sectatrix - food and game fish around Bermuda and FloridaKyphosus sectatrix - food and game fish around Bermuda and Florida; often follow ships
sea chub - schooling fishes mostly of Indian and western Pacific oceans; two species in western Atlantic
genus Kyphosus, Kyphosus - type genus of the Kyphosidae
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Group 4 was composed of two pelagic species, Kyphosus sectatrix (Linnaeus, 1758) and Mugil curema Valenciennes, 1836, occurring only on rede-alta, whereas group 5 was formed by a single species, Atlantoraja castelnaui (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1907), caught solely on the linguadeira (Table 1).
Species of Kyphosus are difficult to identify and a recent family revision by Knudsen & Clements (2013) has revealed that in addition to the Bermuda Chub, Kyphosus sectatrix, two other chubs occur in Bermuda, both with unfamiliar names.
Guaguanche Sphyraena guachancho Conger eel (family) Congridae Conger eel Conger oceanicus Bonnethead Sphyrna tiburo Black jack Caranx lugubris Black drum Pogonias cromis Bermuda chub Kyphosus sectatrix Yellowfln grouper Mycteroperca venenosa Yellow conger Hildebrandia flava Spotfin hogfish Bodianus pulchellus Southern puffer Sphoeroides nephelus Smooth butterfly ray Gymnura micrura Pufferfish (genus) Sphoeroides sp.