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The small island of Antikythera between Crete and Kythira sees its population of 24 almost double to 40 in the summer - but the residents are mostly aged over 50 and there are almost no children.
procurement of the necessary equipment, In the framework of the waste management of kythira - antikythera, In the operational program "attica 2014 - 2020", According to the following groups group a - section 2 supply of ancillary equipment to a composting plant.
Special agrotourism accommodation units have opened up in Evia, Lesvos, Crete, Kalymnos, Paros, Kefalonia, Kalamata, Kythira and other regions that allow tourists to help with olive harvest and experience the way of life in the region.
It is also known as Kitira, Kythera (in Greek), Kythira (also a Greek name but used in German), Citera (in Spanish), Cythere (in French), or Cerigo (in Italian), etc.
Thyme Origin % of thyme honey code pollen A Mani South Greece (Peloponesus) 41.28 B Koufonissi island (Aegean Sea) 55 C Kythira (1) island 58.57 D Kythira (2) island 46.12 E Kos island 67.74 F Crete island (Iraklion) 72.29 G Crete island (Sfakia) 24.25 H Psara island 83.79 I Rhode island 55.58 J Kea island 49.15 K Crete island (Chania) 45.00 L Crete island (Chania) 55.00 M Crete island (Iraklion) 62.00 N Crete island (Chania) 70.00 O Pserimos island 90.00 Table 2 Antimicrobial activities (MIC mg/ml) of the Greek Thyme Honeys and the isolated Compound 1.
Also sailing from Athens, the Classical Greece itinerary includes stops at Crete, Kythira and Hydra, and is priced from PS2,114pp.
Olympic Air announced on Monday the launch of three Public Service Obligation routes (PSOs) between Athens and Kythira, Karpathos and Skiathos.
(NYSE:ANW) today announced that it has taken delivery of the Kythira, a 6,270 dwt double-hull bunkering tanker newbuild from Qingdao Hyundai Shipyard in China.
The quake's epicentre was located about 125 miles south of Athens near the island of Kythira.
6, 2--7 days: Rimini, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Cephalonia, Kythira, Piraeus (end).
As for in-demand locations, Linda Hearn at Filoxenia (01422 375999) suggests Chios, Samos, Peloponnese, Evia, Sifnos, Kefalonia, Crete, Corfu, Gulf of Corinth and lesser-known islands like Kythira and Ithaca.
place of delivery: argos orestikon airport of corfu rhodes airport airport of cephalonia lemnos airport airport of kozani airport of heraklion airport of chania samos airport naxos airport skiathos airport milos airport airport of ioannina airport of karpathos kasos airport chrysoupoli kavalas 94 union street, chios sitia airport paros airport new anchialos airport alexandroupolis airport airport of thessaloniki kythira airport airport of zakynthos airport of mytilene akarnania - perinthi (aktio airport) santorini airport skyros airport syros airport airport of ikaria araxos airport astypalea airport airport of kalamata airport kos airport of mykonos kalymnos airport airport of leros kastelorizo airport former east terminal