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Adj.1.L-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter L
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Bramleys on 01484 530361 3 2 2 EXTENSIVELY modernised and upgraded over recent years, this immaculate single level bungalow has lots to offer, from spacious gardens, off road parking and an impressive L-shaped dining kitchen.
The model features a less-pronounced 'three-box' silhouette, L-shaped LED daytime running lights replace the round ones, a bigger kidney grille and almost rectangular L-shaped tail-lights.
To save up on space, Apple has equipped the iPhone Xs with an L-shaped single cell battery.
Kuo also noted that the potential upcoming phone won't adopt the iPhone X's stacked logic board and L-shaped battery pack, the report says.
At the same time, the L-shaped narrow slot etched on both sides of the floor can expand the impedance bandwidth of the antenna at low-frequency band and ability of antenna directional radiation is also improved compared to the other designs mentioned in the papers [16-20].
The report adds that the battery on the iPhone 9 will be L-shaped, a design said to have been made in the interest of optimizing internal space, a feat which becomes increasingly more of a challenge with each successive iPhone release.
O'Beirne's special dissection of a 3 x 3 x 3 cube into nine bent, or L-shaped, tri-cubes (example Figure 2).
Featuring fully framed, welded wire, the protective panels attach to existing uprights with either L-shaped or sleeve brackets.
Designed by Aedas, the open-plan, L-shaped office complex will house 2,300 ALJ employees once completed.
The L-shaped form of the building appears to float 60 feet above Rockefeller Road.
The property has both period and modern features, including a Victorian tiled porch with the original etched glass door and side panels, living room with an brick recess fireplace, dining room, modern kitchen and L-shaped family bathroom.