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Noun1.Frank Baum - United States writer of children's books (1856-1919)Frank Baum - United States writer of children's books (1856-1919)
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Perhaps I should admit on the title page that this book is "By L.
Sam Raimi), a prequel to Baum's novel (and, in many ways, the 1939 classic film), succeed as a blockbuster (as of this writing, the film had grossed $491 million worldwide, ranking seventh for the year ["2013 Worldwide"]), with audiences anticipating an IMAX release of MGM's Wizard of Oz (1939) this fall and the release of Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return (2014), a film based on the novel Dorothy of Oz by Roger Staunton Baum, great-grandson of Oz creator L.
Currently, Summertime Entertainment is in production on a new franchise of epic proportions, the re-vitalization of the indelible and beloved Oz world originally created by L.
The Enchanted Buffalo: A Prairie Tale" is a new release of a 1905 story by L.