L. Ron Hubbard

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Noun1.L. Ron Hubbard - a United States writer of science fiction and founder of Scientology (1911-1986)
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Los Angeles City Council members Mitch O'Farrell (CD 13), David Ryu (CD 4) and City Controller Ron Galperin presented a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the City of Los Angeles to John Goodwin representing the L.
Enhanced with the inclusion of a short story from the early career of the late L.
The Writers of the Future contest was initiated by Battlefield Earth author L.
Before he became famous as the founder of Scientology, L.
Jacob Boyd of Eugene was honored last Sunday at the L.
Among the finalists announced in the Short Stories/Collections category was A Matter of Matter (Galaxy Audio), a collection of short stories written by L.
It's a painstakingly researched book made all the more fascinating by vignettes involving people as varied as Scientology founder L.
Rocket scientist John Whiteside Parsons was one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena: a visionary who surprisingly enough was involved not just in science, but in occultism, where friendships with Aleister Crowley and L.
And the quote from him, in which he said he "stood in a Church of Scientology building in Los Angeles, faced a photo of L.
SCIENTOLOGY is a religion started by science fiction writer L.