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lac 1

A resinous secretion of lac insects, used in making shellac.

[Dutch lac or French laque, both from Old French lacce, from Medieval Latin lacca, from Arabic lakk, from Prakrit lakkhā, from Sanskrit lākṣā, red dye, resin.]

lac 2

(läk, lăk)
Variant of lakh.
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(Elements & Compounds) a resinous substance secreted by certain lac insects, used in the manufacture of shellac
[C16: from Dutch lak or French laque, from Hindi lākh resin, ultimately from Sanskrit lākshā]


(Currencies) a variant spelling of lakh


abbreviation for
(Military) leading aircraftman
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a resinous deposit secreted on certain trees by a female scale insect, Laccifer lacca, of S Asia, and used chiefly in varnishes. Compare shellac.
[1545–55; < Hindi lākh; compare Skt lākṣā]



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 a great number; specifically, 100,000.
Examples: lac of islands, 1881; of pagodas, 1692; of rupees, 1613; of years, 1613.
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Noun1.lac - resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insectslac - resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insects; used in e.g. varnishes and sealing wax
seal, sealing wax - fastener consisting of a resinous composition that is plastic when warm; used for sealing documents and parcels and letters
shellac varnish, shellac - a thin varnish made by dissolving lac in ethanol; used to finish wood
animal product - a product made from animal material
garnet lac - lac refined by treating with solvent; garnet-colored
gum-lac - an inferior lac produced by lac insects in Madagascar
shellac - lac purified by heating and filtering; usually in thin orange or yellow flakes but sometimes bleached white
stick lac - lac in its natural state as scraped off twigs and dried
seed lac - granular material obtained from stick lac by crushing and washing
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[læk] Nlaca f
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