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a. learning disability
b. learning-disabled
2. lethal dose


abbreviation for


abbreviation for
Lord (title)


abbreviation for
1. (Pharmacology) lethal dosage: usually used with a subscript numeral showing what percentage of a test group of animals dies as a result of either being given a substance being tested on them or being exposed to ionizing radiation, esp in the median lethal dose: LD50.
2. (Languages) Low Dutch


1. praise (be) to God.
[< Latin laus Deō]
2. lethal dose.
3. long distance (telephone call).
4. (in Libya) dinar.


1. limited.
2. Lord.




median lethal dose.
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Eugenol (though at lower Pa value 0.814) has relatively higher rat LD50 (1930 mg/kg) and fairly high water solubility (2460 mg/L), both favoring experimentation to establish its efficacy.
The effects of LD50 of Walterinnesia aegyptia crude venom on blood parameters of male rats.
The LD50 is calculated based on the number of mice dying in the various dilution groups.
In the SH-SY5Y cells, the cell viability was 57% for LD50 doses of LIPO 750 [micro]M, the lowest dose of CDDP is 50% of deaths from 10 [micro]M achieved, and the dose increases with decreased cell viability.
I tabulated this data for a wide range of psychiatric medications, including antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, in a spreadsheet with columns for maximum daily dose, 30-day supply of the medication, LD50 in mg/kg, LD50 for a 60-kg subject, and percentage of the 30-day supply compared with LD50.
Animals (mice or rats) that have received a therapeutic dose of LD50 of a substance will be considered hypnotized if they lose their straightening reflexes when put on their backs.
The calculation of recovered wound area showed that when MDA-MB-231 cells were treated with the LD50 dose (5 [micro]M), wound closure was inhibited by approximately 50% compared to cantharidin-free MDA-MB-231 cells.
The toxicities of other Rubus species extracts were determined in terms of their LD50 values.
If the abbreviation is written LD50, it can only refer to Lethal Dose.
The listing includes the chemical formula, physical properties, sources and how used, and typical toxic effect and LD50 where available.
The following routes and doses were used for the medications: BDF: oral gavage, single administration 0.4mg/kg (median lethal dose, LD50) [3]; warfarin per os in drinking water 2 mg/kg/day for 5 days [4]; dabigatran: oral gavage, single administration 150 mg/kg (LD50) [5]; rivaroxaban: oral gavage, single administration 20 mg/kg (LD50) [6]; heparin: subcutaneous single injection 100 KU/kg (LD50, MSD).