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1. A type of spotlight, used in photography, that illuminates a subject from behind.
2. A light that amplifies the brightness of an LCD screen by illuminating it from behind.
tr.v. back·light·ed or back·lit (-lĭt′), back·light·ing, back·lights
To light from behind: The photographer backlit the subject for a dramatic effect.
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1. (Photography) photog light falling on a photographic or television subject from the rear
2. (Electronics) electronics a light source at the back of an LCD screen
vb (tr)
to light (the subject) from a source positioned behind it
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n., v. -light•ed -lit, -light•ing. n.
1. a light source placed behind an object, person, or scene to create a highlight that separates the subject from the background.
2. to illuminate (something) from behind: a backlit screen on a computer.
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Wai Chi Holdings Company Limited is an established LED products manufacturer focusing on producing LED backlight and LED lighting products on an OEM and ODM basis.
Lextar Electronics also began shipping first-generation mini LED backlight modules in the same period. 
The KTZ8850 combines the two main power functions required by the LCD panel, namely the LED backlight driver and the LCD panel bias, controlled from a single I2C address.
LED backlight DDICs provide these solutions for the backlighting unit (BLU).
Featuring the brightest LED backlight in its class* the Radiance Ultra is designed to overcome glare in high ambient light environments, allowing surgeons to more easily visualize recessed anatomy.
As the larger screen size a LED-backlit LCD TV has, the more LED chips are needed as the backlight source for production of the product, Taiwanese LED and LED backlight will hopefully see their shipment volume to surge in the coming years.
The company's LED backlight system ensures lower power consumption, which means that the LCD module itself generates less heat than conventional models, extending LED backlight life.
Osaka, Feb 17, 2011 - (JCN Newswire) - Semiconductor Company of Panasonic Corporation has developed a four-channel LED driver LSI (model number: AN37010) that can drive multiple LEDs connected in series for edge-type LED backlight LCD TVs, thanks to the adoption of 190V voltage processing technology.
Summary: Ultra Slim LED Backlight TV with eco-conscious features.
Along with their pioneering colour reproduction; these new Quattron models feature an energy-efficient LED backlight and decor-enhancing style.
The unit offers 3.2 MB memory, LED backlight, multistate bitmap support, and Windows font support.