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1. legislation.
2. legislative.
3. legislature.
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(124.) ALASKA LEGIS. AFFAIRS AGENCY, MANUAL OF LEGISLATIVE DRAFTING 10 (2007), available at http://w3.1egis.state.ak.us/docs/pdf/DraftingManual2007.pdf.
Seminario Internacional "Derecho penal economico, delitos aduaneros y comercio exterior", coorganizado con AP Legis. Conferencistas internacionales invitados: Guillermo Vidal Albarracin, Argentina y Juan Patricio Cotter, Argentina.
The fund launch follows Argyll's participation in the Guernsey Finance presence at the Fund Forum Middle East conference in Bahrain last year at which Legis and the fund's legal advisers, Ogier, were also present.
Dr Pierre-Roger Preussler, left, of Merano, Italy, the chairman of Ars Legi, is welcomed to the Burlington Hotel by Paul Bennett and Amanda Elwell, of George Green LLP.
Health Legis. 36, 36 (1996); Svensk forfattningssamling, 1991: 1956 (30 Dec.
Our Congress and the Library of Congress generate two computer databases called LEGIS and SCORPIO, respectively.
Answers: a) tandem, b) LEGIS system, c) Adam Osborne, d) lexical analysis, e) Ada, f) committing computer crimes, and g) Nothing.
In 1991, the fatal hazing of law school freshman Lenny Villa at the hands of members of the Ateneo law school's Aquila Legis fraternity led to the passage of what was supposed to be an anti-hazing law.
Southampton Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and Suffolk County Legis. Bridget Fleming caught the 8:26 a.m.
The logistical inconveniences are due to Fiduagraria informing Fedegan, as administrator of the Livestock Development and Dairy Fees, that the company Legis, provider of the Vaccination Unified Registries-RUV, would have them ready until the 14th.
This new 'verba legis' interpretation, in my humble view, has enabled the rich, the powerful and the dynasties to corner the party-list as an easier and cheaper backdoor to Congress.
She considers whether reinterpretation, reformulation, or replacement of Article 53 [umlaut] of the European Patent Convention is viable and advisable, looking at the ratio legis of the medical methods exception, whether alternative legal mechanisms could be a viable solution, how the norm performs its function, and what the traditional and emerging interpretive challenges are.