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v. t.1.To lose.
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"The successful LESO was made possible through the collaborative effort and deliberate planning among the security forces within the area of operation," said Lt.
(2000) 'Aesthetics of communication: texts on textiles (leso) from the East African coast (Swahili)', Research in African Literatures 31 (4): 104-24.
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The design of LADRC from (13) to (18) yields a BIBO stable closed-loop system if the LESO and the control law for the unit double integral plant are stable.
Giovanna, la sorella tredicenne di Margherita, narrando in prima persona l'accaduto, ritiene che gli inquirenti avrebbero potuto capirlo fin dall'inizio e che il benessere della sua famiglia sia stato leso per il modo in cui regole sostanzialmente corrette sono state applicate.
Based on this approach, a linear extended state observer (LESO) is designed to estimate system states as well as the generalized disturbances.
Hinging his argument on Yoruba conception of morality through the prism of the ontological stuff of Iwa (character), Oyeshile following Wande Abimbola shows that the regard of Iwa as the fundamental principle of morality is conveyed in the aphorism of 'iwa rere leso eniyari'--good character is the beauty or guard of a person.
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Eddlem pointed out in an online article for The New American in August, "The source of this militarization is not endemic racism, however; it has been federal intervention and aid through the Department of Defense's Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) under the auspices of fighting the 'drug war' and 'terrorism.'" LESO notes on its website, "Since its inception [in 1991], the 1033 program has transferred more than $5.1 billion worth of property." According to LESO, more than 8,000 police agencies are currently availing themselves of military equipment from the Department of Defense 1033 program.