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Noun1.LGB - a smart bomb that seeks the laser light reflected off of the target and uses it to correct its descent; "laser-guided bombs cannot be used in cloudy weather"
smart bomb - a bomb that can be guided (by a laser beam or radio) to its target; "smart bombs have revolutionized aerial bombardment"
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With over 50 years of banking tradition, trust and excellence in customer service, LGB BANK stands today as one of the Lebanese banking sector's leading players with a strong position and a rich heritage.
Thirty percent of LGB youth (13% of the survey population) reported a suicide attempt in the past year prior to any state policies that permitted same-sex marriage, compared with about 9% of the general population.
A previous study suggested that parents who have trouble adjusting are more likely to disapprove or adopt negative behaviors that can, in turn, put LGB youth at risk of serious health problems.
The report found that all groups--those identifying LGB and heterosexual--were most likely to purchase real estate because of a desire to own their own home.
As per media reports LGB will be set up under Local Bodies Act -2015.
adults in north identify as up from in 2014 Paul Twocock - director of campaigns, policy and research at Stonewall - welcomed the figures, but warned many LGB people still found it difficult to come out to friends, family and colleagues.
LGB has worked to contain costs and maximize non-airline revenue, resulting in a moderate airline cost profile with solid debt coverage levels.