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Latin Litterarum Humaniorum Doctor (Doctor of Humanities; Doctor of Humane Letters)


abbreviation for
(Automotive Engineering) left-hand drive


1. Doctor of Humane Letters.
2. Doctor of Humanities.
[< New Latin Litterārum Humāniōrum Doctor]
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With a wide flight deck that resembles that of an aircraft carrier, the LHD traditionally deploys in a trio of warships called an amphibious task force.
As flexibility is one characteristic of LHD (Ma et al., 2014), we introduced the mediator of dynamic capabilities to explore how team leaders' LHD affects ambidextrous innovation, thereby allowing companies to obtain a long-term competitive advantage in a complex and changing environment.
NSWNMA General Secretary Brett Holmes said Commissioner Stanton issued 15 recommendations which were accepted by both the union and the LHD.
The new Tudor Pelagos LHD features a winding stem positioned to the left of the case, so that the watch can be worn on the right wrist.
Building on this framework, we hypothesize that with respect to hospitals' investment in community health specifically, a particularly important characteristic of the public health system is the level of spending by the LHD. For this hypothesized relationship, two possible pathways might be involved.
Indianautosblog, an automotive news magazine, has revealed details of the LHD Renault Kwid.
Enrolled patients were randomized into AP group and LHD group by a random number table generated from PEMS software (Package for Encyclopedia Medical Statistics, Sichuan University, China).
Thus, the present study aimed to compare the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of LHD and MLHD herbal ointments in rats with AP and provide a pharmacological basis for the clinical use of MLHD in patients with AP.
GySgt Leonel Lora, middle, assigned to the 31st MEU, uses a bore scope camera to verify the engine of a AV/8B is serviceable while SSgt Steven Vladiff, left, observes and Cpl Justin Powers, top, turns the blades of the engine in the hangar bay aboard the USS Bon-homme Richard (LHD 6).
ITT Exelis will provide the Electronic Support Measures (ESM) suite for Australia's ANZAC frigates and Canberra class LHD ships, in a deployment intended to enhance the country's national defence capabilities throughout the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.
In the Large Helical Device (LHD), a stellarator in Japan, the heating capability has been upgraded year by year and the high-temperature regime has been successfully extended.