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(Telecommunications) a service on the internet that provides an electronic mailing to subscribers with similar interests


a specific list server: one of the most common list servers on the Internet.
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The data mining benefits in LISTSERV Maestro include advanced action tracking, from which senders can gain deeper insight into the impact of their email campaigns by learning the results of subscriber actions that go beyond the links in the email messages to track page visits and viral marketing activities occurring after the message is viewed.
Today, 48% of UNIX LISTSERV installations are based on Linux, and there is a real opportunity for the Mac in that market, especially once the Intel servers are released," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft's CEO and founder.
Some of the most active users of LISTSERV lists are the members of the English Language Teaching Contact Scheme (ELTeCS), an international network of more than 10,000 English language teaching professionals supported by the British Council.
Early customer indications suggest that LISTSERV for Linux S/390 performs well in the new environment, while bringing uniformity across a variety of server platforms.
In line with that, early in 1997 members of the Controllers Council and Cost Management Group were offered the opportunity to join listservs provided by Rutgers.
1 POLICE-L is managed using LISTSERV list management software running on an IBM 3090 mainframe computer.
LISTSERV started as a simple mailing list program for electronic group communication.
These listservs (named after the LISTSERV software) act as an automated mailing list manager.
Remember that messages to the ADHA's listservs are read by potentially hundreds of recipients, so to maximize effectiveness, also check out the guidelines for participation at www.
Listservs for psychiatrists are not breaking news: the American Psychiatric Association has one, and Ivan Goldberg has run a large psychopharmacology bulletin board for years.
Email listservs are as good, and only as good, as the subscribers make them.