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n.1.(Scandinavian Myth.) The evil deity, the author of all calamities and mischief, answering to the Ahriman of the Persians.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This was just one of the many design features - or unnecessary clutter - in Loks. What with the mixed tile flooring, wall of chopped logs, shelves of glass vases, raised planters and clusters of metallic light fittings, I struggled to focus on the menu.
(2003) examined the lead isotopes of walrus landed at Repulse Bay, Coral Harbour, Akulivik, Loks Land, and Sisimiut, as well as samples from FB and SEHB.
Eugene police patrol officer Carolyn Mason said the vandals inscribed the words, "Hemr" and "Loks." The vandals previously were known to use paint, but lately have used hard objects to scratch window surfaces.
LOKs (Local Quality Groups) of GPs were created for this purpose.
In his other cover identity, Walker is a roughand-tumble basketball player; a mock sports-magazine article written for Xero no.8 says Walker's fans are "a range of loks, OG's, murderous felons" (23) and calls Walker himself "a thug.
The master of Ballydoyle saddles four of the 11 runners in the final classic of the season and Milan loks the pick of the Irish quartet.
The new range includes a unique low-profile version which fits all SP-400 bottle neck finishes; uses less material; is simpler and cheaper to manufacture, and can be fitted to SP-400 finishes simply by adding low-profile 'loks' which can be blow- or injection-moulded into the neck finish.
So it loks like the internet and cafes are the perfect marriage, representing a rapidly growing global trend stimulating the retail, coffee and tea industries.
The right-back is available and will be considered for selection although Saturday's loks a bit early for his return.
McCall's loks to have an impossible on his hands after Henrik Ojamaa the latest Fir Park departure following switch to Legia Warsaw this week.
Bradford scraped past struggling Crusaders 30-26 last week, and while Wakefield got gubbed 32-6 by Salford, a 16-point start loks very generous so a smallstakes investment could pay off.