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Noun1.laryngotracheobronchitis - inflammation of the larynx and trachea and bronchial passageways
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat
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n. laringotraqueobronquitis, infección viral de la vía respiratoria superior causando tos y dificultad respiratoria.
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To avoid the toxicity problems with whole CT or LT, the recombinantly produced CTB and LTB proteins have been explored for their ability to increase immune responses against co-administered antigens.
Up to September 2010, LTB completed refurbishments worth HUF 6 billion (US$27.7m) on the property leased from Budapest Airport, as a result of which their base in Ferihegy is now capable of performing maintenance of four narrow-body aircraft at the same time in two heated hangars with a combined floor-space of 66,736 sq ft (6,200[m.sup.2]).
No entanto, quando se leva em conta nao o que estabelece a norma legal brasileira, mas o LTB para exposicao ocupacional recomendado pela OMS (40 ug/dL de Pb-s), observase na mesma tabela que, enquanto no momento da demissao 44,6% dos trabalhadores estavam abaixo desse limite (baixo), ao se considerar a media no periodo (1975-1993), a proporcao dos trabalhadores com historico baixo de exposicao se reduz para 17,3%.
TABLE 7 Error Correction Representation for the Selected ARDL Model for LTB. LWTIS, and LCOPS Equation in Group 2 Variables LTB Equation LWTIS Equation LCOPS Equation [DELTA]LTB - 0.0014 0.0023 ** [DELTA]LTB1 0.0333 ** - - [DELTA]LTB2 -0.0837 *** - - [DELTA]LCOPS 0.0011 0.0068 * - [DELTA]LCOPS1 - - -0.0880 *** [DELTA]LWTIS 0.0024 * - 0.0009 [DELTA]LGOLD -0.0872 *** 0.4787 *** 0.0073 [DELTA]LSLVR 0.0109 *** 0.0012 0.0622 *** [DELTA]LSLVR1 - - 0.0952 *** [DELTA]CC -0.0072 -0.0142 0.0140 [DELTA]IRAQ03 0.0000 0.0032 0.0026 * [DELTA]D911 0.0045 *** 0.0008 0.0017 [DELTA]D97 -0.0012 0.0010 -0.0020 [DELTA]D00 -0.0014 -0.0053 ** 0.0005 ecm(-1) -0.0038 *** -0.0117 *** -0.0091 *** Notes: Only the results for cointegrating equations are reported.
The high population of bacteria showing ability to grow in the presence of up to 0.1% of LAS (LAS-tolerant bacteria- LTB) is attributable to the ability of bacteria to be reoriented in response to environmental change and to available nutrient.
LTB is a leading provider of professional-development information, tools, and educational events for mortgage professionals.
He also worked as an advertising sales representative for LTB Media, publisher of Art + Auction, Modern Painters, and Gallery Guide.
The LTB is designed to generate the relative linear motion created by ocean waves that will be experienced by wave-energy device technologies.
In the past, almost all Berger bullets were flat base designs--and most still are--but they do have another boattail initially labeled "LTB" (length tolerance bullet).
For the short LTB (length tolerant bullet) of 70 grains it recommends a 1:10 twist.