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Noun1.LTM - your general store of remembered information
remembering, memory - the cognitive processes whereby past experience is remembered; "he can do it from memory"; "he enjoyed remembering his father"
episodic memory, personal memory - memory for episodes in your own life
semantic memory - your memory for meanings and general (impersonal) facts
motor memory, muscle memory - your memory for motor skills
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It features a 60m telescopic boom, a whole 10m more than its predecessor, the LTM 1090-4.
1 million in 1Q15, 3 percent more than in 1Q15, and 40 million in the LTM, 11.
The LTM Audio Players Summer 2014 Showcase: "Happiness In Unexpected Places" features Melanie Ehrlich, Kimberley Campbell, Samuel Kurnit, James McGowan, Lisa Terlato and Michael A.
7 microns of non-repeatable LTM, the need for precision measurement of tape position and wander has arrived.
Holmes RR, Boccanera R, Figueiredo LTM, Mangano SR, Pane C.
4 percent in February itself over the same periods last year, while LTM supply fell by 1.
The LTM series was designed for wireless applications that combine an LTE MIMO modem with a WiFi MIMO modem and a GPS receiver.