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Licentiate in Theology.
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Among others, LTH alleged that over RM22 million from one of its charity foundations 'had been disbursed for activities with political inclinations'.
where [M.sub.l] and [N.sub.CP] are the level of QAM modulation at lth layer and the number of cyclic prefix, respectively.
They found that there was a significant association between the right maximum humerus length and LE-ME (r=0.69), LTH (r=0.83), TDHH (r=0.77) and VDHH (r=0.77) (p<0.01).
Where N is the top of the Gauss Pyramid, GL is the column number of Lth layer image, [R.sub.L] is the row number of the image, [omega](m, n) is the 5 * 5 window function.
"Both LTAT and LTH are known to have infused capital to preserve their respective banking units' financial strength in times of distress, and to fund their business expansion.
In the first step, the lth BS broadcasts the K destinations' signal [s.sub.l,k], k = 1, 2,..., K, to the relay devices using beamforming vectors in the lth cell.
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Perhaps it would be good to consider building the economic zones where there is already infrastructure and workforce rather than starting from scratch," says Robert Vodusek from LTH Learnica in Ohrid.
A spokesman for the hea lth board said they couldn't comment.
Besides the superfast ability of the included USB 3.0, the Blu-ray burner boasts of an ability to record BD R LTH disc at speeds of up to 6x, while the BD-R Single or Dual Layer and BD-RE single layer at 8x, and BD-RE dual layer at 6x again.
The bank is expecting to receive MYR216m in subscription money from Lembaga Tabung Haji (LTH) by October 15 this year.