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Governor Scott Walker attended the La Crosse Area Development Corporations 46th Annual Meeting in La Crosse, where he discussed economic growth and job creation.
La Crosse virus is an Orthobunyavirus transmitted to humans primarily through the bite of Aedes triseriatus (eastern treehole) mosquitoes; the virus is endemic to the midwestern and Appalachian areas of the United States (1,2).
Patent 9,365,775 Qune 14, 2016), "Waste Recycling System," Gaylen La Crosse, Jeremy La Crosse and Michael Galich (YAGS LLC, Evanston, III.
A federal agency has approved a transfer of the license for the former nuclear power plant near La Crosse.
During set-up, a lady wrapped in an American flag was wandering around outside the La Crosse Center telling people they were killing the earth.
com)-- The Badger Fund together with local investors will form the Idea Fund of La Crosse, a new Wisconsin-based venture capital fund to spur entrepreneurial growth in the western portion of the state.
The corporate office will remain at Inland's 2009 West Avenue South location in La Crosse.
La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States -- Flooding, snowstorms, a flu outbreak, even a fire - any of those might have slowed a group of Wisconsin nuns who say none of it has kept their order from praying nonstop for hundreds of thousands of people over the last 137 years.
Twenty Central High School (La Crosse, Wisconsin) students gathered at Gundersen Health System, a network based in La Crosse, on a recent Monday when school was not in session.
AT THE La Crosse County Health Department in LA CROSSE, WIS.
On Thursday, March 21, La Crosse area nurses who are members of WNA met at Fayze's Restaurant in La Crosse, WI to discuss the formation of a MIG.
That's over 10 times more than the combined number of reported cases of neuroinvasive disease caused by the other arthropod-borne viruses or arboviruses: La Crosse virus, eastern equine encephalitis virus, St.