La Follette

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La Fol·lette

 (lə fŏl′ət), Robert Marion Known as "Fighting Bob." 1855-1925.
American politician and reformer who served as a US senator from Wisconsin (1906-1925). In 1924 he ran unsuccessfully for president on the Progressive Party ticket.

La Fol•lette

(lə ˈfɒl ɪt)
Robert Marion, 1855–1925, U.S. politician.
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war against the Philippines in 1898), and goes on to give La Follette his due for helping bring about the direct election of officials, the abolition of child labor, the eight-hour day, progressive income and estate taxes, women's suffrage, and conservation measures.
PINOT PICKS: Bachelet-Monnot Maranges ler Cru La Fussiere and La Follette Van Der Kamp Vineyard
Ely, student Robert La Follette, and president Charles Van Hise.
Senate, who inspired a bloc of congressional Republicans in 1911 to dump their own speaker, Joseph Cannon; and it was La Follette who became the first man to challenge a sitting president, William Howard Taft, in a party primary in 1912.
The Education of an Anti-Imperialist: Robert La Follette and US Expansion.
La Follette fought for party primary elections, for the "scientific" taxation of railroads (based on independently determined economic value rather than political influence), for initiative and referendum, and for worker safety measures, all under the flag of Progressivism.
Prior to joining Parker Shumaker Mills in 2005, Leago was a senior attorney with La Follette Johnson De Haas Fesler & Ames.
Prompted by the published works of Carey McWilliams and John Steinbeck, Senator Robert La Follette initiated a round of congressional hearings that sought to explain the intensive type of agriculture emerging in the fields of the Golden State.
Only then will winemaker Greg La Follette wash the last traces of pulp from his hands and call it a day.
Gregg la Follette, who has been creating top wines for two decades in California, has launched his own portfolio of superpreminm La Follette wines.
In keeping with his renowned knowledge of pinot noir, La Follette has crafted a line of four pinot noirs, each with grapes sourced from different vineyards.