La Guardia

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La Guar·di·a

 (lə gwär′dē-ə), Fiorello Henry Known as "the Little Flower." 1882-1947.
American politician who was a US representative from New York (1917-1919 and 1923-1933) and mayor of New York City (1934-1945).

La Guardia

(Biography) Fiorello H(enry) (ˌfɪəˈrɛləʊ). 1882–1947, US politician. As mayor of New York (1933–45), he organized slum-clearance and labour safeguard schemes and suppressed racketeering

La Guar•di•a

(lə ˈgwɑr di ə)
Fi•o•rel•lo H(enry) (ˌfi əˈrɛl oʊ) 1882–1947, U.S. politican: mayor of New York City 1933–45.
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