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Noun1.Claudio Monteverdi - Italian composer (1567-1643)
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In a postscript to his famous letter Of 7 May 1627 to Alessandro Striggio, in which Monteverdi wrote about setting Strozzi's La finta pazza Licori, the composer refers to Striggio's earlier request to recommend a bass, and possibly some sopranos, to perform the opera.
It is a measure of Monteverdi's long-practised skill at assessing singers, and perhaps of his confidence in Striggio's own understanding of the implications of his terminology, that he is apparently able to sum up Rapallino's vocal suitability for a role in La finta pazza Licori in one short sentence, which is like a distillation of the tests of a good singer found in so many sources from the 16th and 7th centuries:(8)