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n.1.A lace. See Lace.
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It was neither an assault by the Picards nor the Burgundians, nor a hunt led along in procession, nor a revolt of scholars in the town of Laas, nor an entry of "our much dread lord, monsieur the king," nor even a pretty hanging of male and female thieves by the courts of Paris.
52) There is a fancied connection between LAAS (`stone') and LAOS (`people').
And those that dwelt in Lacedaemon, lying low among the hills, Pharis, Sparta, with Messe the haunt of doves; Bryseae, Augeae, Amyclae, and Helos upon the sea; Laas, moreover, and Oetylus; these were led by Menelaus of the loud battle-cry, brother to Agamemnon, and of them there were sixty ships, drawn up apart from the others.
But though you are likely, with the blessing, to recover, there is laa for him yet; and if you will employ lawyer Small, I darest be sworn he'll make the fellow fly the country for him; though perhaps he'll have fled the country before; for it is here to-day and gone to-morrow with such chaps.
The Nokia facility in Oulu has been leading the initial deployment and has chosen Spirent Velocity as their LaaS platform.
Producers leveraging laaS also benefit from intellectual property (IP) protection against piracy and overuse as well as revenue advantages.
In such a febrile market, smaller laaS providers that combine strong financial backing with an innovative laaS service stand to gain significant market share.
LAA applications can be used to apply to perform standpipe, sprinkler, plumbing and oil burner work that does not exceed $25,000 in a 12-month period.
A transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), showed that LAA was free of thrombus.
Liverpool Council leader Warren Bradley, who chairs Liverpool First, said: "The LAA is an important tool for us to drive forward improvements across the city which will make a real difference to people's lives.
We, the employees of LAAS and the animals deserve a competent general manager who can actually help save lives.