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A system of movement notation for dance that employs various symbols to record the points of a dancer's body, the direction of a dancer's movement, the tempo, and the dynamics.

[After Rudolph Laban (1879-1958), Hungarian choreographer + (n)otation.]


(Ballet) a system for recording ballet movements invented by Rudolph Laban
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Noun1.Labanotation - a system of notation for dance movements that uses symbols to represent points on a dancer's body and the direction of the dancer's movement and the tempo and the dynamics
choreography - a notation used by choreographers
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All of this became reality during my four years as company Labanotator for Paul Taylor.
During the staging process, certified labanotators observed rehearsals, then created movement scores, which will be available at the Dance Notation Bureau.
After 20-plus years of service, labanotators Sandra Aberkalns and Leslie Rotman, whose work is the heart of DNB, received their final paychecks on Oct.