Leptis Magna

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Lep·tis Mag·na

 (lĕp′tĭs măg′nə)
An ancient city of northern Africa in present-day Libya east of Tripoli. Founded by Phoenicians, it flourished as a port during Roman times and is today noted for its impressive ruins.
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Tenders are invited for supply of materials under labdah, rongchong and reshep gram panchayat
The launching ceremony held at the Information Systems Department yesterday was attended by Brig Abdul Rahman al-Maliki, assistant director of Information Systems General Directorate, Brig Abdullah Khalifa al-Muftah, director of the Public Relations Department and Brig Abdullah Jabir Labdah, assistant director of the Unified Services Department.
Labdah on Saturday denied any link between the European Commission decision to
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