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(Placename) the Czech name for the (River) Elbe


(ˈɛl bə, ɛlb)

a river in central Europe, flowing from the W Czech Republic NW through Germany to the North Sea. 725 mi. (1165 km) long. Czech, Labe.
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This verb reappears in lute-sonnets by Pontus de Tyard and Louise Labe, again prominently placed.
It seems hardly a coincidence that Louise Labe chose that particular time to appropriate the voice of Sappho.
Among the many issues which Labe examines, Baker writes, "the three that in my view confer the deepest synchronic unity upon the volume are those of relational reciprocity, personal empowerment, and unending human desire" (166).
Labe added that the warm intrusion penetrated right through the heart of the Central Arctic.
Labe, for his part, stressed Iran's right of using the peaceful nuclear technology, and expressed the hope that the nuclear talks between Tehran and the sextet would continue until reaching a final deal.
The new Side-Slip Seat design permits the normal 19 inch-wide aisle to open up to an amazing 43 inches The Association for Airline Passenger Rights, (AAPR) today applauded Molon Labe Designs for its groundbreaking prototype "Side-Slip Seat," which was unveiled earlier this year in Germany at the Aircraft Interiors Trade Show.
Esse e o caso da escritora Louise Labe, poetisa francesa renascentista, autora de Amor e loucura (1995), obra que desafiou os limites impostos a escrita e ao pensamento feminino/feminista da epoca, em que a autora explora a lirica de tematica confessional, amorosa e erotica, para o espanto dos leitores do periodo e dos valores culturais que regiam a vida das mulheres a epoca.
The LABe detector collects both high and low angle backscattered electrons at low kV and high spatial resolution.
Labe as Director of Communication to direct the firm's marketing, client development, and public relations efforts.
Interestingly, Mireille Huchon has recently put forth the theory that Labe was but a persona created by a group of male poets in Lyon, whom Huchon credits as the true authors of the texts written under Labe's name.