organized labor

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Organized Labor

a form of labor-management negotiation in which management opens with a generous offer that is subject to little or no bargaining.
a member of a political party or other group allied with the interests of labor.
the beliefs of bands of early 19th-century English workmen that attempted to prevent the use of labor-saving machinery by destroying it. Also Ludditism.Luddite, n.
the practices and policies of a labor union. — unionist, n., adj.
a system of permanent voluntary boards in English industries in which both management and workers settle matters of wages, hours, etc.
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Noun1.organized labor - employees who are represented by a labor union
labor, labour, proletariat, working class - a social class comprising those who do manual labor or work for wages; "there is a shortage of skilled labor in this field"
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Out of the vast army of the unemployed the strike-breakers were recruited; and when the strike- breakers were worsted by the labor unions, the troops always appeared and crushed the unions.
There's the labor unions an' employers' associations, an' strikes', an' hard times, an' huntin' for jobs, an' all the rest.
He will know the gossip of the street, the demands of the labor unions, and the policies of governors and presidents.
In the city there was a combination of employers, representing hundreds of millions of capital, and formed for the purpose of crushing the labor unions.
He and Ruth's father were discussing labor union politics, the local situation, and socialism, and Mr.
Thousands of people, including labor unions representing private sector workers, civil servants, and even migrant workers, took to the streets on Saturday to protest against revisions to the labor law which they believe would further undermine labor rights and worsen working conditions.
Synopsis: Americans' approval of labor unions has risen to 61%, the highest since 2003.
SARGODHA -- Punjab Minister for Mines and Minerals Chaudhry Sher Ali on Tuesday formed a Mines Safety Committee to resolve issues involving stone-crushing lease-holders and labor unions.
We're disappointed that politicians who don't understand anything about labor unions would pass this legislation," Elmo told the Tribune in a text message after the vote Monday.
Labor unions have the most support from Americans since before the Great Recession hit in 2008, according to a (http://www.
Recent financial studies on capital structure have suggested that a firm's capital structure can be affected by the nature of the interaction between its incentive structure and interested parties, such as competitors, suppliers of raw materials, and labor unions (Lewis, 1986; Bronars and Deere, 1991; DeAngelo and DeAngelo, 1991; Matsa, 2010).
Meritocracy is emerging as a new taboo word among public financial firms in Korea, as the government's push for performance-based salary and promotion systems ignites disputes between labor unions and management.