Labrador duck

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(Zool.) a sea duck (Camtolaimus Labradorius) allied to the eider ducks. It was formerly common on the coast of New England, but is now supposed to be extinct, no specimens having been reported since 1878.

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Among the birds presented in the app are six birds that are now extinct which are carolina parakeet, ssquimaux curlew, great auk, labrador duck, passenger pigeon, and pinnated grouse.
Species such as the eastern elk, Labrador duck and heath hen had been completely wiped out; moose, gray wolf and lynx had been extirpated from the state.
Then I'd have liked to have seen a Labrador duck or a Great Auk.
1 True or False: The sole known extinct North American waterfowl species is the Labrador duck.
Have you ever seen a Labrador duck? Probably not, because Labrador ducks are extinct.
Whooping cranes could have gone the way of the passenger pigeon, the Carolina parakeet and the Labrador duck. Hunters and addle-brained egg collectors did their best to kill them off.
Parks cannot be only islands in a sea of sustainable development, unless we want more species to follow the death route of the Labrador Duck, Great Auk, and Sea Mink.
In 1872, the Labrador duck followed the auk into the void, and the new breech-loading, repeating shotguns with chokes to provide denser patterns were putting dangerous pressure on the wood duck, a bird that had the poor judgment to spend its entire year in the dwindling forests of the eastern United States.
In our ornithology laboratory, I can admire the mounted skin of a Labrador duck or heath hen, Carolina parakeet or ivory-billed woodpecker, or any of ten passenger pigeons.