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 (lə-bo͞o′ən, lä′bo͞o-än′)
An island of Malaysia off the northern coast of Borneo. At one time a British crown colony (after 1848), it became part of Malaysia in 1963.


(Placename) an island off the NW coast of Borneo, forming a federal territory of Malaysia: part of the Straits Settlements until 1946, when transferred to North Borneo. Chief town: Victoria (or Labuan). Area: 98 sq km (38 sq miles)


(ˌlɑ buˈɑn)

an island off the NW coast of Borneo: part of Sabah state, E Malaysia: a free port. 54,307; 35 sq. mi. (90.65 sq. km).
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A general view of the Labuan International Business and Financial Center on Labuan Island, Malaysia.
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is in favour of the long-standing proposal to building a bridge connecting Labuan island and mainland Sabah.
When he returned from overseas, he vowed to take his wife back to Labuan Island in East Malaysia and the couple have since visited the area five times.
In 1846, the Sultan of Brunei ceded Labuan island to Britain, paving the way for it to become a British Crown colony in 1848.
While Kawelmacher and Gooch landed at Green Beach, other Australians including Corey took Labuan Island, which is now part of Malaysia.
The 20th and 24th Brigades of the 9th Division launched an amphibious offensive, codenamed OBOE 6, with landings in the Brunei Bay area and Labuan Island in June.
Barry Wilkinson, from Rhoose, and Mary and Brian Roche, from Beddau, are pictured on Labuan Island, East Malaysia.