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a.1.Like or pertaining to a labyrinth.
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We found the pronounced changes to cytotrophoblast, syncytiotrophoblast in the beams of the labyrinthic zone.
Mexican by birth, but a world writer by trade, Villoro has made a name through timely chronicles, astute essays, and a labyrinthic narrative that encourages the reader to get lost in the pluriversal spaces of a diegetic and fragmented city.
His fascination with dreams, for example, finds ample expression in these pieces; a fascination that is obvious to anyone who has followed in his fictions the dream-like labyrinthic spaces and allusive, elusive dream-logic of his syntax and images.
When in Wales he described "a labyrinthic coil of very bad country roads or waste lanes and bridle paths" (Letters 25:139), not to mention the "Ten cuddies" in asthmatic "psalmody" that disturbed his rest.