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lac 1

A resinous secretion of lac insects, used in making shellac.

[Dutch lac or French laque, both from Old French lacce, from Medieval Latin lacca, from Arabic lakk, from Prakrit lakkhā, from Sanskrit lākṣā, red dye, resin.]

lac 2

(läk, lăk)
Variant of lakh.
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(Elements & Compounds) a resinous substance secreted by certain lac insects, used in the manufacture of shellac
[C16: from Dutch lak or French laque, from Hindi lākh resin, ultimately from Sanskrit lākshā]


(Currencies) a variant spelling of lakh


abbreviation for
(Military) leading aircraftman
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a resinous deposit secreted on certain trees by a female scale insect, Laccifer lacca, of S Asia, and used chiefly in varnishes. Compare shellac.
[1545–55; < Hindi lākh; compare Skt lākṣā]



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 a great number; specifically, 100,000.
Examples: lac of islands, 1881; of pagodas, 1692; of rupees, 1613; of years, 1613.
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Noun1.lac - resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insectslac - resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insects; used in e.g. varnishes and sealing wax
seal, sealing wax - fastener consisting of a resinous composition that is plastic when warm; used for sealing documents and parcels and letters
shellac varnish, shellac - a thin varnish made by dissolving lac in ethanol; used to finish wood
animal product - a product made from animal material
garnet lac - lac refined by treating with solvent; garnet-colored
gum-lac - an inferior lac produced by lac insects in Madagascar
shellac - lac purified by heating and filtering; usually in thin orange or yellow flakes but sometimes bleached white
stick lac - lac in its natural state as scraped off twigs and dried
seed lac - granular material obtained from stick lac by crushing and washing
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[læk] Nlaca f
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Similar to section 3's discussion about insects currently and frequently used, section 4 talks about shellac from the lac scale insect used as a coating for shining fruits and candy, as well as honeydew manna produced by psyllids and aphids used in South Africa and Australia.
* lobate lac scale (Paratachardina lobata), first collected in 1999
The species became known in Florida by the vernacular name lobate lac scale in reference to its taxonomic position in the lac scale family, and to the presence in the female test with 4 prominent lobes, a conspicuous character that is found in some other species of Paratachardina, but distinguishes this species from other scale insects commonly encountered in Florida.
In this paper, we report some observations on lobate lac scale that may be useful to researchers studying this pest with the ultimate objective of developing methods for management.
Observations of lobate lac scale were conducted on plants in the field in natural and urban landscaped areas and plants grown in containers at the Fort Lauderdale Research & Education Center (FLREC).
Observations were made to determine which parts of the host plants were most frequently attacked by the lobate lac scale. Scales were observed to determine the presence of collectable droplets of honey dew and tending ants.
The lobate lac scale, Paratachardina pseudolo bata Kondo & Gullan, is an invasive species that poses significant threats to the native vegetation and horticultural crops of Florida (Pemberton 2003a, b).
Life history information, such as developmental threshold and cold tolerance, are essential to predicting the potential distribution and to determining the regulatory and management responses to the lobate lac scale. The scale insect developed through 2 nymphal instars in about 20 weeks in the laboratory and the mortality was the highest during the first instar (Chong, unpublished data).
The results of this study suggested that the range expansion of the lobate lac scale will be limited by winter temperature.
The invasive lobate lac scale identified as Paratachardina lobata (Chamberlin) (Hemiptera: Keriidae), native to southern India and Sri Lanka, is a severe threat to native and economic plants in southern Florida.
The lobate lac scale is a highly invasive insect, which is a severe threat to native and economic plants in Florida (Howard et al.
In the present study the host finding behavior and abilities of the 3 latter parasitoids to successfully parasitize the invasive lobate lac scale were examined.