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A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Cygnus and Andromeda.

[Latin lacerta, lizard.]


n, Latin genitive Lacertae (ləˈsɜːtiː)
(Astronomy) a small faint constellation in the N hemisphere, part of which is crossed by the Milky Way, lying between Cygnus and Andromeda
[Latin: lizard]
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Noun1.Lacerta - type genus of the LacertidaeLacerta - type genus of the Lacertidae  
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
family Lacertidae, Lacertidae - Old World lizards
Lacerta agilis, sand lizard - a common and widely distributed lizard of Europe and central Asia
green lizard, Lacerta viridis - a common Eurasian lizard about a foot long
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Neither have that rapid movement, so characteristic of the genera Lacerta and Iguana.
The judges were John Fisher, technical director at Lacerta Technology Ltd, and Sam Stephens, director at TBAT Innovation Ltd.
MT Hafnia Atlantic is laden with 37,951MT and MT Lacerta with 37,868MT.
Address : Gegenstand Der Vergabe Ist Die Kartierung Der Zauneidechse (Lacerta Agilis) In Geeigneten Flchen Zwischen Straubing Und Deggendorf Beidseits Der Donau.
We captured 103 green lizards (Lacerta viridis) and collected blood from 40 (30 males and 10 females).
The sand lizard, Lacerta agilis, is found across Europe and Asia but the species disappeared from most of its habitat in England and Wales.
In 1929 German astronomer Cuno Hoffmeister at Sonneberg Observatory identified what he thought was a variable star in the small constellation of Lacerta, the Lizard.
Sarepta Therapeutics announced that it has made a strategic investment and entered into a license and option agreement with Lacerta Therapeutics, a gene therapy company using a constellation of proprietary adeno-associated virus vector technologies to develop CNS-targeted treatments and lysosomal storage diseases.
Consecuencias de la perdida de la cola en la lagartija serrana (Lacerta monticola).
Snacking and safety go hand in hand at Mansfield, Mass.-based Lacerta Group Inc., which recently introduced a new tamper-evident snack pack that "combines food safety and convenience," says Marketing Coordinator Jazmin Lotfi.
El ultimo tipo de animal que aparece en nuestros registros es el lagarto comun (quiza Lacerta lepida o Timon lepidus), que aunque no podemos catalogarlo como especie derivada de las actividades cinegeticas, la incluimos puesto que solo se ha registrado en nuestra zona.