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Noun1.Lacertidae - Old World lizards
reptile family - a family of reptiles
Lacertilia, Sauria, suborder Lacertilia, suborder Sauria - true lizards; including chameleons and geckos
lacertid, lacertid lizard - Old World terrestrial lizard
genus Lacerta, Lacerta - type genus of the Lacertidae
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Is dietary niche breadth linked to morphology and performance in Sandveld lizards Nucras (Sauria: Lacertidae)?
Gymnophione Haplonepion naggsi Lacertidae Edentulina rusingensis Chamaeleonidae Varanidae INSECTA Chelonii Crocodylidae Millipedes Brochuchus pigotti Moth cocoons Termite bioconstructions MAMMALIA Insectivora Rodentia Amphechinus rusingensis Diamantomys luederitzi Erythrozootes chamerpes Paraphiomys pigotti Macroscelidea Paraphiomys stromeri Myohyrax sp.
The Caspian Green Lizard, Lacerta strigata (Eichwald, 1831), is a member of the Lacertidae family distributed from southern Russia where its presence is reported in the northeastern Caucasus of Daghestan and Stavropol Territory, through eastern Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and northeastern Turkey (vicinity of Mount Ararat, eastern Anatolia), and from the Caspian coast of northern Iran into southwestern Turkmenistan (Baran & Atatur, 1998; Anderson, 1999).
Analysis of escape behavior and ectoparasite load in Podarcis sicula (Lacertidae) populations in different agricultural habitats.
famelica (ant) 28 Aphaenogaster 32 317 famelica (ant) 29 Oligochaeta (earthworm) 1 20.8 30 Euhadra (snail: Maimai) 43 3118 31 Bufo japonicus formosus 1 426 (frog: Hikigaeru) 32 Rana rugosa (frog: 5 206 Tsuchigaeru) 33 Frog (unknown) 1 53 34 Frog (unknown) 1 74.6 35 Lacertidae (lizard) 4 n.d.
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