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(ləˈʃɛz, lɑ)

Gaston, 1882–1935, U.S. sculptor, born in France.
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Noun1.Lachaise - United States sculptor (born in France) noted for his large nude figures (1882-1935)Lachaise - United States sculptor (born in France) noted for his large nude figures (1882-1935)
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re Lachaise, a rabbi dressed in traditional French robes and hat chanted prayers for the deceased, a non-believer, raised in a liberal home where boys would have a bar mitzvah but socialism and populism were welded to Dante and Emerson.
Se destaca el Cementerio Pere Lachaise, inaugurado el 21 de mayo de 1804, que es el principal de la capital francesa y posee un jardin de 44 hectareas y 70.
Astley died in Paris in 1814 and rests alongside such luminaries as Oscar Wilde and Chopin, in the Pere Lachaise cemetery.
The boy from Jhelum arrived in freezing Paris with nowhere to go, and spent his first night in the famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery where some of the world's most notable personalities, like Frederic Chopin, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are buried.
Contract notice: Works of construction of a monument to the dead of the great war on the wall of the cemetery of the father lachaise located boulevard de menilmontant in paris 20th
Lachaise D, Cariou ML, David JR, Lemeunier F, Tsacas L, Ashburner M.
And when glamorous, globe-trotting journalist Grace Quincy, in pursuit of a big story, is found dead in the Pere Lachaise cemetery, the question is raised what side was she on?
Bowd's careful and extensively documented work reconstructs both the actual life and the public image of this involuntary hero, up until the return of his body to Paris, amongst much fanfare, and its interment at the Pere Lachaise cemetery, near the famous Mur des Federes.
Year that a glass barrier was erected in front of Oscar Wilde's tomb in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris to keep admirers and pilgrims from covering the monument in kisses
THE Doors singer and songwriter Jim Morrison was buried in Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris following his death at the age of 27.
Pere Lachaise Cemetery is fascinating and worth a visit.
Artists and estates represented include: Gaston Lachaise, Norman Bluhm, Steve Wheeler, Herman Maril, John Opper, John Grillo, and Chuang Che.