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(ləˈʃɛz, lɑ)

Gaston, 1882–1935, U.S. sculptor, born in France.
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Noun1.Lachaise - United States sculptor (born in France) noted for his large nude figures (1882-1935)Lachaise - United States sculptor (born in France) noted for his large nude figures (1882-1935)
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Quand Roger Hanin avait emis le vœu de sa mise en terre a Alger, il aurait souffle a des amis dans un immense moment d'amour et de nostalgie qu'il [beaucoup moins que] aimait le cimetiere de pere Lachaise, un peu plus celui de Montparnasse-,lakin machi kima celui de Saint-Eugene fi dzair [beaucoup plus grand que], tout pres du 25, rue Marengo ou il est ne en 1925 et ou aussi avait vecu le cardinal El Anka de 1944 a 1959.
He was buried at Pere Lachaise cemetery, where a separate ceremony was held for fellow cartoonist Georges Wolinski, 80, before he was cremated.
I went with my director to Paris to visit her museum and her grave at Pre Lachaise Cemetery, for one last "immersion." It's always different when you return to a place in a specific frame of mind.
"The Ghosts of Pete Lachaise" and "Ballerina" are two mainstream animated features budgeted in the 20 million ($25.4 million) range.
I only thought of it because the day after the Arc I visited the Pere Lachaise cemetery where the great German director Max Ophuls is buried.
Other romantic hot spots on the list include the self-explanatory Taj Mahal in Agra, India, Juliet's House in Verona, Italy, the Heart Reef on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the tomb of medieval lovers Abelard and HeloE[macron]se in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and the Alley of the Kiss in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Famous figures to have received a modest burial in years gone by include French songstress Edith Piaf - buried in a relatively plain plot in the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris despite once being France's most popular star.
Turned into warty toad heels a dress The 10 words that made up this accidental incantation were: "Our photographer mentioned he might like to visit Pere Lachaise." Over lunch, he had confessed to a passing interest in seeing Jim Morrison's grave in the famous cemetery where Balzac, Pizarro, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde are also buried.
Chopin, Proust, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Delacroix are all buried in Cimitiere du Pere Lachaise (Boulevard de Mnilmontant, Belleville).
Lapidus will be buried on Friday at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
Friquet said she also enjoys the music of the Doors, and is within walking distance of the resting place of lead singer Jim Morrison, at the Pere Lachaise cemetery.
Morrison is buried at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, where his grave has become a shrine for successive generations of fans.