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 (lăk′ĭ-sĭs, lăch′-)
n. Greek Mythology
One of the three Fates, the measurer of the thread of destiny.

[Latin, from Greek Lakhesis, from lankhanein, lakh-, to obtain by lot.]


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth one of the three Fates
[via Latin from Greek, from lakhesis destiny, from lakhein to befall by lot]


(ˈlætʃ ə sɪs)

(in Greek myth) the Fate who determines the length of the thread of life.
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Noun1.Lachesis - the Greek goddess of fate who determines the length of the thread of lifeLachesis - the Greek goddess of fate who determines the length of the thread of life
Moirae, Moirai - any of the three Greek goddesses of fate or destiny; identified with the Roman Parcae and similar to the Norse Norns
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The eight together form one harmony; and round about, at equal intervals, there is another band, three in number, each sitting upon her throne: these are the Fates, daughters of Necessity, who are clothed in white robes and have chaplets upon their heads, Lachesis and Clotho and Atropos, who accompany with their voices the harmony of the sirens-- Lachesis singing of the past, Clotho of the present, Atropos of the future; Clotho from time to time assisting with a touch of her right hand the revolution of the outer circle of the whorl or spindle, and Atropos with her left hand touching and guiding the inner ones, and Lachesis laying hold of either in turn, first with one hand and then with the other.
When Er and the spirits arrived, their duty was to go at once to Lachesis; but first of all there came a prophet who arranged them in order; then he took from the knees of Lachesis lots and samples of lives, and having mounted a high pulpit, spoke as follows:
`Hear the word of Lachesis, the daughter of Necessity.
Also she bare the Destinies and ruthless avenging Fates, Clotho and Lachesis and Atropos (10), who give men at their birth both evil and good to have, and they pursue the transgressions of men and of gods: and these goddesses never cease from their dread anger until they punish the sinner with a sore penalty.
Exonucleasas y otras actividades nucleoliticas en los venenos de Lachesis muta y Bothrops atrox.
stilessi (Sambon, 1910) es especifico para las serpientes del genero Lachesis.
Representing the altercation between Lachesis and Pluto, the simile acts out 3 and 4 in Hardie's scheme as follows:
The Lachesis is named after the Fate that measures the thread of life.
Lachesis provides funding to help commercialisation of spin-outs from East Midlands' universities.
Also, several classical constitutional homeopathic remedies for deep-seated genetic predisposition, Lachesis, Sulphur, and Argentum nitricum.
Researchers from the Federal University of Parana in Brazil describe the results of experimental studies aimed at verifying the effects of 200C homoeopathic potencies of Mercurius solubilis, Atropa Belladonna, Lachesis muta and Bryonia alba on the bone marrow cells and macrophages from mice.