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 (lə-shēn′, lä-)
A borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on the south bank of Montreal Island. It was first settled as an estate by Sieur La Salle in 1668 and named for his futile dream of finding a westward passage to China.
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The married officers live out of barracks, and the Colonel has during all this time occupied a villa called Lachine, about half a mile from the north camp.
"Now for the events at Lachine between nine and ten on the evening of last Monday."
"There is a room which is used as a morning-room at Lachine. This faces the road and opens by a large glass folding-door on to the lawn.
At noon we went on board another steamboat, and reached the village of Lachine, nine miles from Montreal, by three o'clock.
Immediately after the Egyptian House of Representatives approved the new amendments to the 2014 Constitution on Tuesday, head of the National Election Authority (NEA) Lachine Ibrahim, called on the Egyptian expatriates to vote in the planned referendum on constitutional amendments from Friday, April 19, to Sunday, April 21.
Following Vera's death, her friend Heather Falconer of the Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lachine (Montreal) wrote in its January, 2019, newsletter:
Le taux de participation a [euro]u[c]t[euro]u[c] de 41,5%, a annonc[euro]u[c] Lachine Ibrahim, pr[euro]u[c]sident de l'Autorit[euro]u[c] nationale des [euro]u[c]lections dans une conf[euro]u[c]rence de presse.
Richard Turp is Artistic Director of Concerts Lachine and the new Lachine International Vocal Academy.
A reference to one of his properties describes "A stone cottage on the south side of the Montreal road near Lachine with three acres of Garden Grounds, a Well, all enclosed by a Stone Wall."
Baby boomers and Generation X, in particular, are interested in healthful dessert options, notes Michel Saillant, president of Boulart Inc., Lachine, Quebec.