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lacrymatory, lachrimatory

a lacrymal vase or small vessel for storing shed tears.
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Thus, in reaction to a "shrewd gentlewoman" (9:414) who wanted to pay for two or three gravestones for family members by taking the carver to board at the tavern she operated, the narrator inadvertently produces a grotesque mental image of the carver engaged, like a caricature of Death, in a graveyard banquet in which the carver feasts on the signs and symbols of his mortuary profession; thus he is seen "sitting down to dinner at a broad, flat tomb-stone, carving one of his own plump little marble cherubs, gnawing a pair of cross-bones, and drinking out of a hollow death's-head, or perhaps a lacrymatory vase, or sepulchral urn; while his hostess's dead children waited on him at the ghastly banquet" (9:414-15).