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A cyclic amide, or any compound containing it, formed by the intramolecular condensation of an amino carboxylic acid.


(Elements & Compounds) chem any of a group of inner amides, derived from amino acids, having the characteristic group -CONH-
[C20: from lact(one) + am(ide)]


(ˈlæk tæm)

any of a group of cyclic amides characterized by the NHCO group.
[1880–85; lact (one) + am (ide)]
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Ring-structured lactams are precursors in the manufacture of nylons.
coli had highest resistance to penicillin and first generation cephalosporin followed by to second and third generation cephalosporins and monocyclic lactams.
Mitim's product portfolio includes beta lactams in dry sterile powder for injectable solutions, tablets and oral suspensions.
Aims of the study were: (1) asses sensitivity and specificity for the three most used screening tests for beta lactams residues in milk using standardized concentrations of penicillin, (2) evaluate efficacy of three most used screening test through proportions of presumably false positive and false negative results on samples from three animal study groups and (3) determine agreement of the results between all test pairs.
The results of this work indicated that beta lactams evaluated may delay the maturation of somatic embryos of the calli, or the course from globular stage to bipolar shoots.
Resistance to [beta]- lactam antibiotics: Resistance to penicillins and other [beta]- lactams in Gramnegative bacilli (prototype Escherichia coli) can occur by four general mechanisms.
At present the assay is useful for qualitative determination of the presence of lactams and quantitation of samples known to contain only amoxicillin.
Positive samples for Beta Lactams were found in multiple rooms as well as inside the ductwork prior to decontamination.
Steroidal-4-en-3-ones such as 4-cholesten-3-one were treated with ozone to obtain a keto acid, 3,5-seco-4-norcholestan-5-on-3-oic acid (I), subsequently treated with amines to obtain enamine lactams which were discovered to react with Grignard reagents at elevated temperatures to yield novel unsaturated 3-alkyl derivativatives.
Recipharm is planning to buy Mitim Srl for SEK 640 million adding scale and niche technology in injectable beta lactams
INDEX TERMS: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, anti-Pseudomonas antibiotics, Beta Lactams.
While beta lactams are preferred for ABS, newer macrolides and fluoroquinolones are routinely chosen to treat AECB and CAP.