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Then who can hope to know what my feelings were, to hear this armor- plated ass start in on it again, in the murky twilight of tradition, before the dawn of history, while even Lactantius might be referred to as "the late Lactan- tius," and the Crusades wouldn't be born for five hundred years yet?
7 Lactantius, Venantius, Asterius, Victorinus, Dionysius, Apostolic Teaching and Constitutions, Ho?
Gall, and the Lactantius versions of the 15th -century sibyl series.
Lactantius, the third century church father, wrote: "It is always unlawful to put to death a human being, whom God willed to be a sacred animal.
Lactantius, an Ante-Nicene theologian, described in his Divine Institutes demonic purveyors of evils as a kind of global stalker of the soul, serial killers of the spirit, who engage in home invasions: They ".
According to Tertullian, it was "the highest virtue"; Lactantius saw it as "the greatest of all virtues," and Origen called patience "the virtue [that is] peculiarly ours.
7) Lactantius, a contemporary of the emperor Constantine, said religion "cannot be coerced," but must be the commitment of a free will.
The two Petrarch manuscripts at Auckland, as well as the Comestor and the Lactantius, were probably bought when Grey was in England in 1868-69, though they could, like the Utrecht Bible, and possibly the three eastern European manuscripts, have been retained from his Cape Town library.
11) In Latin sources (Cicero, Augustin, Lactantius, Ficino), he is said to have given the "laws and letters" (the hieroglyphs) to the Egyptians, founding Hermopolis.
20) Although sympathetic to Tertullian's concerns, Lactantius also saw the liberal arts as a means to acquiring both the eloquence needed to persuade others of Christian truth and as a way to better understand the moral order of the universe.
16) During the patristic era Lactantius had referred to the Apocryphal Old Testament Book of Tobit 1:16-18 (Vulg.