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Noun1.Lactarius - large genus of agarics that have white spore and contain a white or milky juice when cut or brokenLactarius - large genus of agarics that have white spore and contain a white or milky juice when cut or broken; includes both edible and poisonous species
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Agaricaceae, family Agaricaceae - large family including many familiar mushrooms
Lactarius delicioso, milkcap - edible mushroom
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As especies do genero Tuber podem formar associacoes ectomicorrizicas com um grande espectro de simbiontes (similarmente aos generos agaricoides Russula e Lactarius s.l.), o que faz das trufas promissoras tambem para a micorrizacao das familias de plantas com potencial para o cultivo no Brasil, como Juglandaceae (nogueira-peca) e Fagaceae (carvalho).
The predominance of ergosterol and the presence of the minor related sterols in Russula delica (0.07-12.51 [micro]g/100 g fw), Suillus bellinii (0.05-12.31 [micro]g/100 g fw) and Lactarius species (0.02-18.0 [micro]g/100 g fw) was reported by Kalogeropoulos et al.
Mushroom productivity model was developed for Lactarius species based on stand parameters such as basal area to predict the mushroom yields for the stands where mushroom presence was projected (Kucuker and Baskent 2015).
Species of Amhinema, Boletus, Hebeloma, Laccaria, Paxillus, Phialophora, Russula, Lactarius, Suillus and Thelephora are the commonest associates of conifer roots (Bent et al., 2011; Gao & Yang, 2010; Garcia et al., 2016; Obase et al., 2009) and the Cenococcum geophilum often dominate the community (Horton & Bruns, 1998; Koide et al., 2008; Obase et al., 2009; Taniguchi et al., 2007).
In the article titled "Protective Effects of the Mushroom Lactarius deterrimus Extract on Systemic Oxidative Stress and Pancreatic Islets in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats" [1], there was an error in Figure 3, where the plate "NDM and CXCL12" should be replaced with the plate "NDM + Ld and RAGE" from Figure 4.
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[[double dagger], NR] Lactarius affinis Peck [[dagger]] Lactarius aquizonatus Kytov.
Soil drying procedure affects the DNA quantification of Lactarius vinosus but does not change the fungal community composition.
Maicaneanu, "Cd (II) and Zn (II) biosorption on Lactarius piperatus macrofungus: equilibrium isotherm and kinetic studies," Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, vol.