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n.1.(Physiol. Chem.) See Lactose.
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frenatum adults prefer full sun, which is possibly because grasshoppers, in general, are classified as heliothermic insects and need to absorb a lot of solar energy to fly, feed, mate and oviposit (LACTIN & JOHNSON, 1997).
[T.sub.m] can be estimated by nonlinear models (Briere-1, Briere-2, Lactin, and Logan).
Associations of anthropometric parameters with serum TSH, pro- lactin, IGF-I, and testosterone levels: Results of the study of health in Pomerania (SHIP).
In grasshoppers, rates of feeding, walking, flying, dispersal, molting, mating and oviposition are reduced at low temperatures, and cease altogether at cold temperatures (Whitman 1988; Chappell & Whitman 1990; Lactin & Johnson 1995, 1996).
A deviation from normal size and shape of sella turcica can be an indication of a pathological condition of the gland.5 A larger size may be indication of pituitary tumor over producing hormones such as ACTH, Pro- lactin and Growth hormones, thyroid stimulating hor- mone and vasopressin leading to Cushing's syndrome, amenorrhea, acromegaly.
Isolation and characterization of Amaranthin, a lactin present in seeds of Amaranthus caudatus that recognizes the T-antigen.
Furthermore, the plant possesses antiproliferative and antifungal lactin properties as well as ribosome inactivating protein, [beta]-carotene (12-14) and antiviral activities (15).
Mannose-binding C-type lactin (MBL) was isolated by affinity chromatography from sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) plasma.
These thermal surrogates have been shown to reasonably represent the ability of Orthoptera to absorb solar radiant heat, as well as indicate typical body temperatures (Lactin & Johnson 1998).
For example, in Briere-1, Briere-2, Lactin, Ratkowsky and Wang-Lan-Ding models, curve intersected the x-axis at approximately 12-13[degrees]C which indicates their estimated lower temperature threshold.
The second method was the Lactin model which is a modified version of the Logan model, a nonlinear regression model (Logan et al.