Lactuca serriola

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Noun1.Lactuca serriola - European annual wild lettuce having prickly stemsLactuca serriola - European annual wild lettuce having prickly stems; a troublesome weed in parts of United States
compass flower, compass plant - any of several plants having leaves so arranged on the axis as to indicate the cardinal points of the compass
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7: Usage frequency of the most popular species in Er-Rich Rosmarinus officinalis 95 Thymus satureioides 74 Mentha suaveolens 63 Artemisia herba-alba 48 Foeniculum vulgare 39 Mentha pulegium 37 Peganum harmala 37 Chenopodium ambrosioides 25 Dittrichia viscosa 24 Citrullus colocynthis 23 Lactuca serriola 20 Juniperus phoenica 18 Capparis spinosa 14 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Juncus torreyi Koeleria macrantha Kummerowia stipulacea * Lactuca canadensis Lactuca serriola * Lactuca sp.
Lactuca serriola is a roadside weed plant with two or three inches lobed or pinnatifid leaves that clasp the stem.
En una comunidad nitrofila y ruderal, abierta (cobertura: 45%), dominada por terofitos de Stellarietea mediae, como Senecio vulgaris, Sonchus oleraceus, Bromus hordeaceus, y con presencia, ademas, de especies no terofiticas, como Lactuca serriola y Dittrichia viscosa (de Artemisietea vulgaris).
Major weed species observed in the winter were Galinsoga parviflora, Lamium amplexicaule, Conyza canadensis, Lactuca serriola, Senecio vulgaris and Crepis runcinata.
airoides were more prominent in the grazed areas while Elymus lanceolatus, Lactuca serriola, Poa, Solidago canadensis, and Sophora nuttalliana were more prominent in the nongrazed area (Table 1).