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imp.1.imp. of Lead, to guide.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Herders, sometimes referred to as bush Fulbe (Fulbe ladde), were often the herders of not only their own livestock but those owned by other Fulbe groups, as well as those owned by other ethnic groups (such as the Djerma).
But pou has leued ay like a ladde, And in sorowe as a simple knave.
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(58) Furthermore, the Central African group Revolution and Justice (RJ), whose self-proclaimed purpose is to protect northern CAR's territory from Seleka and elements of the Chadian rebel group Baba Ladde's Popular Front for Recovery (FPR), (59) claims that it captured several Seleka militants as well as "two jihadists from Boko Haram" when Seleka militants attempted to cross the border between the towns of Boguila, CAR and Gore, Chad.
Some special processes are solutions of Ito-Doob type stochastic differential equations (Ladde and Sambandham [32]).
On the other hand, if condition (80) is satisfied, a result reported by Ladde et al.
A military source in the capital of Bangui told AFP that no casualties had been reported and operations were under way to "neutralise this group of armed men, who are believed to be members of the Chadian rebel Popular Front for Recovery (FPR) led by 'General' Baba Ladde".
pat birthe halde I badde; And certis, vnwitty men ze werre To lepe ouere lande to late a ladde. Say, when lost ze hym?
As Camell writes: My father put me firste to schoole, where, I a maister hadde: Of whom I had preceptes and strypes as fitted for a ladde. He taughte me there to feare my god, and loue hym with my might, To serue the kyng, and pray for hym, and all his counsell ryght.
To chaumber thai ladde him als biliue And bathed him, and schaued his berd, And tired him as a king apert; And seththen, with gret processioun, Thai brought the quen in-to the toun, With al maner menstraci.
Despite the fact that Toure Toure's first album 'Ladde' did well and they were playing hundreds of concerts all over Europe and the Americas, Daby grew increasingly restless.