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1. A Rhaeto-Romance language spoken in the Dolomite Alps of northern Italy.
2. Romansh as spoken in Engadine between Saint Moritz and the Austrian border.
3. A person who is a native speaker of either of these languages.

[Rhaeto-Romance, from Latin Latīnus, Latin; see Latin.]


(Languages) a Rhaetian dialect spoken in parts of South Tyrol. Compare Friulian, Romansch
[C19: from Italian ladino, from Latin latīnus Latin]



1. a Rhaeto-Romance dialect spoken in several valleys of the Dolomites in NE Italy.
2. the two Rhaeto-Romance dialects of the Engadine valley in the canton of Grisons, Switzerland.
[1875–80; < Romansh < Latin Latīnus Latin]
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Noun1.Ladin - a Rhaeto-Romance dialect of Romansh spoken in southeastern Switzerland
Rhaeto-Romance, Rhaeto-Romanic - Romance dialects spoken in parts of southeastern Switzerland and northern Italy and the Tyrol
Ladinischladinische Sprache
język ladyński
ladino dolomita
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