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n.1.A little lad.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Purves and Sam Ladkin (Litteraria Pragensia, 2007), 4-29.
But Councillor Chris Ladkin called for the plans to be kicked out.
For instance, Wong and Ladkin (2008) found that cultivating creative environment has positive impacts on job related motivation.
Ladkin and Taylor (2010) suggest that knowing one's "true self" and behaving from that self-referential place will not automatically be communicated to followers who will experience the leader as authentic.
Barbara Neuhofer, Dimitrios Buhalis, Adele Ladkin, (2012), Conceptualising technology enhanced destination experiences, Vol.
A critical aspect of sustainable tourism includes the sharing of information, which fosters learning among stakeholders, and the involvement of all interested parties in the decision-making process (Ladkin and Martinez Bertramini, 2002; Wray, 2011).
Some studies found men to score higher (e.g., Razaveye, 2006; Wong and Ladkin, 2008) whereas others found no differences (e.g., Al Shehri, AlHartthi, and Al-Khatib, 2013).
The manager needs to engage feeling, take up an artful orientation and pay attention to the aesthetic dimensions of the organization (Taylor, Ladkin, & Statler, 2015).