Ladoga Lake

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 (lä′də-gə), Lake
A lake of northwest Russia northeast of St. Petersburg. It is the largest lake in Europe.
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The sichel also occurs in southern Sweden and Finland, in the Ladoga Lake and the Onega Lake, and occasionally on the Baltic coast west of Vistula, as well as on the Finnish coast north of 61AdegN (Kottelat and Freyhof, 2007).
The materials cast light on hitherto little-known facts, such as the deployment of M-77 and M-79 submarines to Ladoga Lake, which from 1943 patrolled the waterbody and carried out military and reconnaissance operations, and the construction of a 35-km pipeline to transport fuel and petroleum products.
During these years, mass spring migratory stopovers of Arctic-breeding Barnacle Geese started to form in the vicinity of the town of Olonets in South Karelia, on the north coast of Ladoga Lake (Zimin et al., 2002; Lapshin et al., 2016), and at the mouth of the Northern Dvina River by the White Sea (Andreev, 2005).
The map prepared by this researcher included only complete tools and showed their distribution in Karelia, namely in the area to the east from Onega Lake and around Ladoga Lake, only as an area with high density of such finds, without specifying find spots and the actual amount of tools originating from these spots.