Lady's bower

La´dy's bow´er

n.1.(Bot.) A climbing plant with fragrant blossoms (Clematis vitalba).
References in classic literature ?
Each dint upon his batter'd shield Was token of a foughten field; And thus, beneath his lady's bower, He sung as fell the twilight hour:
Life altogether is but a crumbling ruin when we turn to look behind: a shattered column here, where a massive portal stood; the broken shaft of a window to mark my lady's bower; and a moldering heap of blackened stones where the glowing flames once leaped, and over all the tinted lichen and the ivy clinging green.
From Our Lady's Bower, Athlone school, Jewel of the Nylon was made from crocheted and knitted recycled ladies tights.
Sr Denise, principal of Our Lady's Bower Secondary School, has begged the Government to have leniency.
Just a few months ago Ceibhe was an unknown schoolgirl studying hard in the fifth year of Our Lady's Bower School in Athlone.
It was the neatest knave that ever was seen Stepping in perfume from his lady's bower Who at this word put in his merry mien And fell on Captain Carpenter like a tower.
Noel Casey, from of Our Lady's Bower secondary school in Athlone, Co Westmeath, has also written to Justice Minister Michael McDowell and the local garda superintendent about the incident.