Lady's hair

La´dy's hair´

n.1.(Bot.) A plant of the genus Briza (Briza media); a variety of quaking grass.
References in classic literature ?
John seemed very proud of me; he used to make my mane and tail almost as smooth as a lady's hair, and he would talk to me a great deal; of course I did not understand all he said, but I learned more and more to know what he meant, and what he wanted me to do.
A gay young lord had stolen a lock of a beautiful young lady's hair, and she was so angry about it that there was a coolness between the two families.
In April, she criticized the Daily Mail for publishing a story about the wind messing up the first lady's hair as she arrived at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, tweeting, "This display of liberal media bias undermines all who serve." A month earlier, Grisham had targeted CNN for its story about the types of foods the first family likes to eat.
These included, he said, bone fragments, a lady's hair clip, cable ties, tubing, buttons and pipe covers.
"He is the Blotto of the Year - a delightful condition latterly causing him to ruffle a lady's hair. Naughty boy" - Sir Bernad Ingham's festive "accolade" for EU negotiator Jean-Claude Juncker.
Train trips where they lean over the chair behind and pull an old lady's hair, or throw bits of soggy rice cake at an unimpressed goth.
"The Godfather of Soul," James Brown, reportedly once asked for "two girls under the age of 21 and a lady's hair dryer." Bensel hasn't had any requests like that during her career--or if she has, she's too discreet to mention them--but she has sent her staff scurrying to Starbucks for coffee for Bill Cosby and searching for a rare vintage champagne for Harry Connick Jr.
The Treasure Chest of Northboro, a boutique owned by Lisa Smith, will provide spring clothing and prom dresses for volunteer models, with hair and makeup by Lord's and Lady's Hair Salons of Auburn.
Unlike (what seems like) the rest of the country, I've never been seduced by these powdery, romantic celebrations of yesteryear, where the privileged lord it over the serfs in the basement, who occasionally come up from below to brush the Lady's hair or drop their billowy knickers for the Master's heir.
Rodin's sculpture is mimicked in the couple's stance -- the bare back and arm raised at right angles -- while Klimt is recalled more subtly in the gold of the lady's hair and the patch of flowers rising like a curl of smoke.
I was actually dyeing a lady's hair at time and had red dye on my hands when I heard one of the men say 'I'm going to take your till'.
The blast also caused havoc with the first lady's hair, which was left standing on end at one point.