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Noun1.Coccinellidae - the ladybugs
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
lady beetle, ladybeetle, ladybird, ladybird beetle, ladybug - small round bright-colored and spotted beetle that usually feeds on aphids and other insect pests
genus Adalia, Adalia - genus of ladybugs
Epilachna, genus Epilachna - genus of ladybugs native to Mexico and Central America; both larvae and adults feed on plants
genus Hippodamia, Hippodamia - genus of ladybugs
genus Rodolia, genus Vedalia, Rodolia - genus of Australian ladybugs
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Old Bank Junior, Infant and Nursery School has received PS5,500 towards a garden project, Hopton Primary School will receive PS1,367 towards a trip to RHS Harlow Carr, Mirfield Arts festival will receive PS3,500 towards activity sessions and Mirfield Agricultural Show PS300 towards the lady bug attraction.
Participants will learn what the work looks like to insects by using "bug goggles," and create a lady bug craft to take home.
The item details are including the handmade lady bug shaker, the card, a pocket with friendship goodness, a coffee lover's wallet, a card holder sleeve, and more.
Child-friendly rides, a s pecial UV puppet show and the Riggmoor Mobile Farm will be on offer plus rides including Skyrider, Eagles' Creek Farm, Carousel, Eagle's Claw, Trauma Tower, Noah's Ark, Human Cannonball, Lady Bug and Space Pirates.
Dessert was a refreshing light sponge dome shaped like a lady bug, made with citrusy yuzu fruit.
Like the way a lady bug goes after its garden prey, JKF held on strongly to the idea of coming back as Ekiti governor to finish the unfinished business which he referred to in his acceptance speech after winning the gubernatorial primaries as 'the business of deepening our development footprint and making poverty history in this land.'
The lady bug and dragonfly antennae are embroidered by hand as well.
This book illustrates the appearance of dots as seen in the environments such as a circular button, the shape of an orange, or the spots on a lady bug. Looking around the art room, students quickly discovered the dot (circle) shape on many objects from Teddy bear eyes to the ends of marker caps.
I wrote every day until 45 pages were finished, and I sewed my own costumes, made postcards and posters, chose the music, and Lady Bug Warrior was born--my one-person show about my inner superhero told through 12 different characters, the characters include my mom, my dad, past boyfriends and other strong characters who had influenced me for good or ill.
He tries out several gauche methods, from putting her in an affectionate headlock - which he says always works for his more popular brother - to offering her a lady bug "because it has such a pretty pattern on its back, see?"
It twines around trees and shrubs and is easily recognized by its seeds, which are usually black and red and resemble a lady bug. Their striking appearance has led to their use in jewelry and in prayer beads, hence the name "rosary pea plant." Prayer beads are a symbol of devotion to a deity and a celebration of life, but when they are made of the seeds of the rosary pea, they can harbour death.