Lady paramount

(Archery) the lady making the best score.

See also: Paramount

References in classic literature ?
Further, she was lady paramount over certain vaults in the basement, sharply spiked off from communication with the predatory world; and over the relics of the current day's work, consisting of blots of ink, worn-out pens, fragments of wafers, and scraps of paper torn so small, that nothing interesting could ever be deciphered on them when Mrs.
Awards were presented by GB international and two-time Olympian Naomi Folkard, who was the Lady Paramount for the day and also took part in the competition.
Among the others are Mademoiselle Miss and Other Stories (1893), Grey Roses (1895), Comedies and Errors (1898), The Lady Paramount (1902), and My Friend Prospero (1904).